Parish Hall

Rules of Hiring are lodged with the Caretaker:

Charges are per four hour session

Alchohol Licence available at additional cost of 17.50

Hire of Large Room: 20.00 (local residents) 40.00 (non residents)

Hire of Small Room: 13.50 (local residents) 27.00 (non residents)

Wedding Reception: 60.00 (local residents) 80.00 (non residents)

Children's Party and Fundraisers: 25.00 (local residents) 40.00 (non residents)

Funeral Reception: 30.00 (local residents) 40.00 (non residents)

Private Party: 50.00 (local residents) 75.00 (non residents)

Contact The Caretaker:

Telephone: 01347 848868